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Lea always loved health and fitness at a young age, but it wasn't until adulthood when children were a prominent part of the daily picture, life was uber busy, and body parts no longer appeared to be in the same positions that health became super important, energy a necessity, and living a high-quality of life became extremely valuable. 
Starting with Daily Fitness Zone (parent company) in 2014 Lea became more inspired about infusing health and fitness with style. Making it more fashionable and relatable is more fun, and Lea strives to create vibrant motivational products that would move people towards making the little changes they need to get the big results they want.

From the every day to the once in a lifetime, Lea's true inspiration is to create small gyms & wellness enters to teach people how to incorporate healthy into their already busy lives. For now, she spends hours in creating designs, resourcing the best materials, and hand-crafting high-quality motivational products that will help people reach their goals, beginning today. 

Our mission is to deliver quality product with an exceptional level of customer service. We make goods that make you look great and feel great, and that’s the way life should be.

Here's to hoping your day just got brighter! 

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